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Relocation Management Consulting Services

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We take care of every detail

Our objective is to make sure you meet your objectives.  We aim to minimize the disruption of relocation so you can concentrate on your business, as we help you retain the top talent you seek.  Why do our corporate clients enjoy a 92% candidate acceptance rate? Because we help you during the selection process to make sure your candidates know the value of working for you, and the benefits of living in the surrounding community. We take care of every detail of the relocation for your new employee, so they know how much you care about their work/life balance.

Our services include:

  • Personal consultation conducted early to understand the needs of each candidate so we can exceed expectations
  • Area tours to acclimate the candidate and their family to the area, including local amenities
  • Provision of interim housing or permanent home ownership
  • Orchestration of all services related to relocation including resourcing movers, arranging utilities, finding schools
  • Provide metrics such as commute times, cost of living and home prices
  • Personal relocation concierge, as the single point of contact, accessible seven days a week.  
  •  Adherence to your relocation policy including benefits administration.
  •  Extensive Realtor qualifying, selection, closing and management services
  • Home sale guarantee buyout program for eligible employees
  • Household goods transportation program for each employee
  • Expense management and tracking with on-line status reports, cost-of-living information, individual gross-up calculations, and single point billing

Firstline Mobility helps you deal with the complexities, time demands, and expense of relocating employees. The benefits of a dedicated relocation staff are delivered without the overheard cost. Our services can easily be customized to provide as much or as little support as you need to transition top talent to your team. We take care of all aspects of getting the candidate relocated so they they can concentrate on their new career with you.